The family behind this magazine

From left: Coco the Poodle, Storm, Liv, Silke and Fjord


The Felumb Conrad Family

The Conrad family consist of love, and we are all high on life, full of ideas, inspired and engaged – and we are unpredictable anarchists, who do not even follow our own rules, planners who always use a pencil, big dreamers, who actually get things done, positive and action packed worldschoolers: Interested and inspired in and by the world around us, eager to get out there and see new horizons, meet new people, learn new languages and cultures, understand more, judge less, solve new problems and sink into new vibes, places and ideas.

The Conrads are a traveling and unschooling family of six, or seven if you count the son in law. The homebase is in Copenhagen, Denmark. Jesper supports the family being a web analyst and optimizer, and a marketing director, Cecilie is the stay at home parent with a background as a trained psychologist. The children are unschooled, though the eldest actually chose to go to school (a Celestin Freinet school). We are all writers or storytellers: Jesper writes childrens books, Cecilie is a blogger (up until now in danish), the 17 yo daughter is writing novels, and the younger children are slowly getting there.