Spread your words and inspire the world

The World School Magazine is a non-profit entity.

All the contributions must be made Con Amore. We don’t have money to pay for articles or pictures. We are creating this magazine “on the side” while we run our other business, travel and unschool our kids. If we succeed in generating a surplus revenue, we will use this to for the they must be retained by the organization for its self-preservation, expansion, or plans. We hope that we one

We hope you – like us, want to share your story with the world and help to inspire others. The magazine will be free to read online for everyone.

How to contribute

Everyone, who wants to contribute, please fill out the contact form below or write an email to conrad@worldschoolmagazine.com.

  • Make sure, you have the right to share the pictures, you add to your text. This is very important.
  • Anyone, who want to proofread the text, please raise a hand! We are not native speakers, and it is always sexy to be totally without typos.
  • Anyone can contribute, but we will have to cut and stuff, and we will probably have to postpone some articles, if many are alike. We will off course, also write and share ourselves.