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How worldschooling speaks to our existence, open our eyes and hearts.

Nourish the soul

The music, the poetry, the theater and the paintings talks to our soul. How worldschooling speaks to our existence, open our eyes and hearts.
November 7, 2016/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad
Storm on a jetty

How to worldschool for unschoolers

The learning: The skills, knowlede, experience we take away from all of lifes many different stages, and narratives - is just a byproduct of living.
June 25, 2016/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Why “worldschooling” and not just “unschooling”?

Worldschooling is an opportunity to place context into our experiences. It’s immersive learning, not driven by interest, rather driven by experience.
June 18, 2016/by Lainie Liberti

Natural Language Learning through Travel

Travel was the opportunity Miro and I needed to step out of our linguistic comfort zones. Learning happens and most of all, learning is an individual process that happens naturally. This is our worldschooling education.
June 15, 2016/by Lainie Liberti

What if it all made sense?

What if you could spend time with people, you love, doing stuff that was meaningful and interesting - all of the time? There is a way - Worldschooling.
June 14, 2016/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Worldschooling, what the heck is that?

What we discovered in our process is an education philosophy that perfectly aligns with what we had always searched for: a global approach to education.
June 13, 2016/by Jessica Sueiro

8 Tips to make traveling with kids easier

Traveling with kids - it can be challenging and even downright frustrating at times. Here is our 8 top tips to Travel with kids.
June 10, 2016/by Michelle Tupy

10 things to do in Cusco, Peru with Kids

For those heading to Cusco (Peru) with kids, know that there is plenty to see and do so the kids don’t get bored. Here are some of our favourites.
June 10, 2016/by Michelle Tupy